Rodrigo Sena

myPhotoI’m a programmer, musician, and creative technologist. My interests cover all the intersections between arts and technology, from analog modular synthesizers to experimental indie video games.
I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany, but I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. I have also lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, ¬†Buenos Aires, Argentina and Los Angeles, California, USA.

I got my BFA and MFA in Music Technology at the California Institute of the Arts, where I focused on creating my own electronic instruments and integrating live musical coding into DAW environments.

Since 2015 I’ve been working as a programmer for the video-game company Wayforward Technologies, where I was part of several projects ( including Shantae: Half-Genie Hero¬†) while I also work on my music and musical instruments on the side.

Contact me at: