100% Brain Course: Master Manual by Melvin D. Saunders

By Melvin D. Saunders

This twenty first Century direction handbook has a fantastic accumulation of 223 brain workouts designed to permit an individual to exploit their whole mind. The workouts comprise balancing your feelings, expanding your reminiscence, bettering your creativity, improving your senses and masses, even more.

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If he asks about your life, turn the questions tactfully around to him again. Do this without him suspecting what you're doing. As a drill in discipline, do something you normally don't like to do, but you know that you should do. If you are prone to putting certain things off, do them right away instead. If you say you're going to do something, DO IT. Don't confuse yourself with false promises. For positive reinforcement, remind yourself of your previous successes in exerting discipline over your emotional mind.

As a variation to this exercise, have the positive statements read onto the right ear track of the tape and the sounds of gentle ocean waves recorded onto the left ear track off the tape. Even when not played through a headset, the sound combination of monologue and ocean waves will have the desired effect on an ordinary tape player speaker. As you proceed throughout your day, you will be able to remember, replay and reinforce to yourself a condensation of the words and phrases previously heard on the tape.

There is a contemplative stage between pure concentration and deep meditation that you might experience. It isn't necessarily detrimental, but it is the point where you can hallucinate and relate what you think are mystical experiences. You should be very wary of visions encountered while attempting meditation. You could be easily fooled with false notions from this curious limbo region between hypnosis and meditation. Just observe, proceed and experience any visions encountered, without judgment.

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