52 Series: Boredom Busters for Kids by Karen Johnson, Lynn Gordon

By Karen Johnson, Lynn Gordon

Full of inventive feedback for either indoor and outside actions, this illustrated deck will offer proposal while boredom moves. test Treasure Hunt, mystery Writings, technology Cubes, and Nature Wind Chimes. excellent for any day—rain or shine—these playing cards will preserve children engaged and entertained.

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3. To keep track of how many times the refrigerator is opened, tape a piece of paper to the door requesting a check mark when opened. To find out the number of pennies the average adult carries, write down each person’s answer, add them all together, and divide by the number of people you asked. Materials: Peanut butter or cream cheese; Crackers or pretzels in various shapes (squares, circles, rectangles, triangles); Table knife; Plate; Dry cereal or fruit 1. Gather the materials and decide on a construction project.

First, plan the design of different bills, such as $1, $5, and $10. Create a design using a similar picture or theme on each bill. 2. Draw each bill on the paper, being sure to include the dollar amount on each. If you have access to a copy machine, draw one of each bill and make multiple copies. If you don’t, make the design simple and draw several of the same on each piece of paper. 3. Cut out the currency and use it to play games, such as Monopoly or Life, with your friends and family. Materials: Yarn; Cardboard tube; Honey; Shallow dishes; Birdseed; Paper or journal; Pen or pencil Make this bird feeder and watch for visiting birds.

Ask for advice from a garden store or read books for ideas. 4. Fill containers with potting soil and plant the seeds or plants. Make sure they get the right amount of sun and water and watch them grow. Materials: A variety of clothing items; Clock or timer How many layers of clothing can you put on? How fast? Play this game and see what crazy combinations you get. 1. Make a pile of clothing from dress-up clothes, your own clothes, parents’ clothes (be sure to ask first), and clothing for donation.

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