A behavioral stock market model by Gerencser L., Matyas Z.

By Gerencser L., Matyas Z.

Inventory exchanges are modeled as nonlinear closed-loop structures wherethe plant dynamics is outlined through recognized inventory marketplace laws and the activities ofagents are according to their ideals and behaviour. the choice of the brokers may perhaps containa random aspect, therefore we get a nonlinear stochastic suggestions method. The marketis in equilibrium whilst the activities of the brokers toughen their ideals at the pricedynamics. Assuming that linear predictors are used for prediction of the fee process,a stochastic approximation approach for locating marketplace equilibrium is described.The proposed strategy is analyzed utilizing the speculation of Benveniste et al. (Adaptivealgorithms and stochastic approximations. Springer, Berlin, 1990).Asimulation resultis additionally offered.

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