A canonical Frobenius structure by Douai A.

By Douai A.

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Vladimir, a veteran who lost his father and two brothers in the fighting, now says that Russia would not have won the war without Stalin. Even young people feel likewise. Dmitri, a young, westernised lawyer, says that, with somebody like Mikhail Gorbachev or Boris Yeltsin in charge, Russia might well have lost. Russia's anguished liberals are fond of comparing Mr Putin to Stalin, adducing his KGB instincts and his subversion of independent media, the courts and parliament. Whatever Mr Putin's failings, the comparison is absurd on its face.

Other legitimate forms of hunting include setting off after rats and accidentally catching something else (such as a mink), or using a pair of dogs to flush out an animal, which can then be shot. In fact, rather than sweeping away foxhunting, the new law appears merely to have added to the already extensive set of strange conventions that make the sport so colourful. Copyright © 2005 The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group. All rights reserved. com Page 1 of 2 About sponsorship Gay Muslims Double trouble May 5th 2005 From The Economist print edition The personal and the political PA PUT 100-odd gay British Muslims in the same room and the talk is of secrecy.

Iraqi soldiers have begun patrolling Haifa Street, one of the most violent in Baghdad. Six months ago, when American marines launched an attack on Fallujah, the ISF had around three battalions fit to take a backward role in the operation. They could probably now call on two, or perhaps three, times that number. But, with few heavy arms or armoured vehicles, and still heavily dependent on their American advisers, these troops could not be depended on to fight the insurgents unaided. In the best of circumstances, says Toby Dodge of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, the task of training enough Iraqi troops to withstand the current insurgency would take at least five years, probably longer.

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