A Century of Chromatography and volume 1000 of the Journal

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Handbook of Ultraviolet Methods

This can be a publication that I wrote for myself. It used to be begun sixteen years in the past while my tasks started to contain the origina­ tion of ultraviolet spectrophotometric checking out equipment for items of in­ terest to my corporation. Painful and wasteful studies of rediscovering somebody else's ana­ lytical strategies quickly ended in my maintaining notebooks and card records of released UV tools.

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For example it can be used to examine sulfurcontaining analytes in beer, coffee and water [131]. 8. Analytes in the gas phase It might seem that little sample preparation of gases should be needed as they can be analysed directly by gas chromatography. The whole sample is volatile and thus will leave no residues. However, the analytes of interest are often at low concentration near the limit of detection and the high diffusion rates in gases mean that the integrity of the sample is hard to maintain from the collection point to the analyser.

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