A history of the world in 100 weapons by Chris McNab

By Chris McNab

Now on hand in a souvenir variation, this hugely illustrated giftbook indicates the development of weapon expertise in the course of the ages.

From army historical past experts Osprey Publishing, A historical past of the area in a hundred guns tells the tales of the hundred definitive guns whose results were the main progressive, altering the best way conflict is waged and the very international we are living in. From the gladius of historic Rome to the AK-47, all a hundred are printed in an array of luxurious colour pictures and modern pictures. Compiled with the help of the various prime army historians, this revised quantity unearths not just the weapon itself yet who wielded it and the place, basically explaining the blow-by-blow increase of army expertise and services around the ages.

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Rome's upward thrust to empire is frequently stated to have owed a lot to the potency and army ability of her armies and their technological superiority over barbarian enemies. yet simply how 'advanced' used to be Roman army apparatus? What have been its origins and the way did it evolve? The authors of this booklet have accrued a wealth of proof from all around the Roman Empire's excavated examples in addition to pictorial and documentary resources to provide an image of what variety of kit will be on hand at any given time, what it's going to seem like and the way it might functionality.


• comprises loose decals and overlaying foil• jam-packed with colour photosThe T-34 medium tank is among the most-produced and longest-lived tanks of all time. id of T-34 variations will be advanced. Turret castings, superficial info, and gear differed among factories. New positive factors have been extra in the midst of construction runs or retrofitted to older tanks.

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Republican and early imperial Roman ballistae were made of wood, the parts secured by iron plates, although later imperial versions became iron framed and were thus more destructive bolts. Roman engineers took up these durable and consistent in performance, especially in poor designs and reworked them, and in so doing created weather. They were torsion-powered devices, the power to the weapons that not only prefigured gunpowder bow coming from two torsion springs made of twisted animal artillery, but even, albeit obliquely, the advent of the machine-gun and heavy suppressive fire.

Yet as arms. Pole-arms made good sense as infantry weapons for massed-rank battles. By combining a long haft with a fearsome head - varieties of which the medieval period progressed, we see an increased elaboration in pole-arm varieties, largely to meet the challenges of dealing with both enemy infantry and cavalry. The "partisan," for example, featured a included blades, spikes, forks, tridents, axes, and powerful central spearhead flanked by two outward hammers - the foot soldier could inflict injury and curving projections, these being useful for deflecting death while retaining some degree of protective distance between him and his opponent.

War-hammers were another option, these being OPPOSITE: An ornately decorated halberd made for the Trabanten Guard of the Electors of Saxony in the 16th century. (© Wallace Collection, London/The Bridgeman Art Library). BUI A H I S T O R Y OF T H E W O R L D IN 100 W E A P O N S resist the blows of sword, spear, and many other edged weapons. If there was a vulnerability, it was to narrow, strong spikes (such as a stiletto dagger), and in the way that the armor could make the wearer physically cumbersome.

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