A rhetoric of argument by Jeanne Fahnestock

By Jeanne Fahnestock

While it used to be first released in 1982, A Rhetoric of Argument built a ground-breaking new method of educating argument. The stasis procedure pioneered by means of Fahnestock and Secor wonderful one of the 4 simple questions that arguments are written to answer:
What is it? (Definition arguments) How did it get that method? (Causal arguments) Is it reliable or undesirable? (Evaluation arguments) What may still we do approximately it? (Proposal arguments)
These 4 questions, now regular in lots of argument texts, supply scholars a positive, attractive solution to learn readings through different writers and to build their very own arguments.

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3. But that one led to a new, less personal formulation of your original conviction. 4. Once you had an arguable statement and one supporting statement (in fact you would not have had the arguable statement without the support), you looked over those other reasons again and found sharable grounds for some of them. In that way you found even more support for your original arguable statement. WHAT, THEN, IS ARGUMENT? While we have been discussing what argument is not, we have been indirectly suggesting what it is.

But references to self can mask the arguable nature of such statements in some circumstances. " But if you were asked to give the grounds for your position on nuclear power, are you likely to say "Because I d o not care for radiation" or "Nuclear fission is not to my taste"? Of course not. Instead you would produce as grounds the dangers of radiation, the likelihood and consequences of a reactor accident, and the problems of nuclear-waste disposal. " Policies concerniny nuclear power should not rest on personal grounds.

At this point we will concentrate on the subjects and ignore what is said about them in the predicates. "Organized athletics" is a large umbrella term, potentially covering everything but a chance meeting of five people in a playground who get up a spontaneous game of touch football. It can include sports from Little League baseball to the World Cup soccer playoffs, from intramurals to the ANALYZING STATEMENTS ABOUT THE NATURE OF THINGS . 43 Olympics. If you really want to say something convincing about organized athletics in general, you should draw your examples from several categories or levels of participation.

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