A Writer's Workshop: Crafting Sentences, Building Paragraphs by Bob Brannan

By Bob Brannan

This two-book developmental writing sequence engages utilizing with its environmental subject. A Writer’s Workshop: Crafting Sentences, construction Paragraphs engages constructing writers with a hands-on, process-oriented, collaborative, and conscientious method of writing, treating scholars as writers and writing as a dynamic method. all through, this article deals sound connections among its classes and scholars’ present wisdom. It additionally explores why we research each one writing ability and method, linking classes to destiny program within the school room and past.

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Fortunately, in your writing class you will have the help of fellow students and your instructor. indd Page Sec1:17 9/23/08 9:31:13 PM user-s131 /Users/user-s131/Desktop To profit most from collaborative work, you should be open to constructive criticism. Although none of the students in your group is an English teacher, you don’t have to be an expert to respond to each others’ drafts. Just letting a student author know that an idea is unclear or that a paragraph seems to be drifting can be important help.

When we link new knowledge to what we already know, we understand and remember it better. indd Page 26 9/23/08 9:35:02 PM user-s131 /Users/user-s131/Desktop seem difficult to understand at first, but if we compare the buildup of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere to adding extra insulation inside the walls of a house, we can see how the earth, like that house, would hold in more heat. Within almost all new material, we can identify something familiar. If we have little actual experience with a topic, we can still make associations and useful comparisons that will help us engage with it.

Therefore, a paraphrase is longer than a summary, which consists only of the main idea and significant examples. Here is how the workspace paragraph might be paraphrased or summarized: SA M P L E PA R A P H R A S E The main point of this paragraph is to set up a comfortable writing workspace. Some people need noise; others need quiet. indd Page 32 11/8/08 5:58:37 PM user-s164 /Volumes/209/MHSF085/ch02 work best with a computer; others, with paper and pencil. It’s good to write for a set time and stay focused.

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