Aesop's Fables by Charles Robinson

By Charles Robinson

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He was very sorry to see her eat so sparingly, and hoped that the dish was seasoned to her mind. The Stork, seeing that she notice of it, was played upon, took no but herself extremely the Fox to dine ; pretended to enjoy and at parting begged So he agreed He with her the next day. arrived in good time, and dinner was to return the visit. forthwith ordered ; but when it was served up, he found to his dismay, that it was nothing but minced meat in a tall, narrow-necked jar. Down this the Stork easily thrust her long neck and bill, while the Fox had to content himself " I with licking the outside of the am jar.

Lion looking kindly on his little The prisoner's fright, generously let Now him go. happened, no long time after, that the Lion, while ranging the woods for his it prey, fell into the toils of the hunters ; and finding himself entangled without hope of escape, set up a roar that filled the whole forest with its echo. The Mouse, quickly recognising the Lion's voice, ran to the spot, and without more ado set to work to nibble the knot in the cord that bound him, and in a short time, free ; thus showing him that kindseldom thrown away, and that there no creature so much below another but set him ness is that a is he may have good deed.

But language, nestled thinking the Fox a little doubtful as to the quality of her voice, and having a mind to set him right in the matter, she began to sing, and in the same instant, down dropped the cheese which the Fox presently chopped up, and then bade ; her remember that whatever he had said of her beauty, he had spoken nothing yet of her brains.

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