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One of them is the almost split sequence 0 −−−−→ E S E S −−−−→ E S E ⊕ S E S E S −−−−→ S E S E −−−−→ 0. The second non-split extension of M by N is the canonical exact sequence 0 −−−−→ E S E S −−−−→ E ⊕ S E S E S E S −−−−→ S E S E −−−−→ 0. dim C = 2 and Γ(mod C) admits a self-hereditary standard stable tube that is not hereditary. 13. Example. Let C be the path algebra of the quiver bound by one zero relation αρ = 0. 12). The canonical algebra surjection C −−−−→ A induces fully faithful exact embedding mod A → mod C.

F2 · f1 = 0. By applying the fact that the component CT is acyclic and has only finitely many τA -orbits, we conclude that there exists an indecomposable module Z = Zt in CT such that • Z lies in X (T ), • Z is a proper successor of Y in CT , and • HomA (Z, Y ) = 0. 34 Chapter X. 1)(b), we conclude that, for each s ≥ 1, there is a path of irreducible morphisms h h h s 2 1 Ns −→N s−1 −→ . . −→ N2 −→N1 −→N0 = Y, between indecomposable modules in CT and a homomorphism us : Z−→Ns such that h1 · h2 · .

9. Example. Let R = KΩ/I be the bound quiver algebra, where and I is the two-sided ideal of the path algebra KΩ generated by the elements ργ − ηδ, ξγ − σδ, αρ − βξ, αη − βσ, ργβ, γβσ, σδα, and δαρ. Denote by J the two-sided ideal of R generated by the cosets ρ + I, σ + I, ξ + I, and η + I of the arrows ρ, σ, ξ, and η of Ω. 12). The canonical algebra surjection R −→ A induces a fully faithful exact embedding mod A → mod R. Let S = S(3) be the simple R-module at the vertex 3 of Ω, and let E be the indecomposable R-module 44 Chapter X.

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