Alkali Metal Orthophosphates by J. Eysseltova, T. P. Dirkse

By J. Eysseltova, T. P. Dirkse

This quantity offers and evaluates mentioned solubility facts for the identify compounds, complementing an prior quantity within the IUPAC Solubility facts sequence facing alkali steel halides. Orthophosphates were recognized and used for a few years; relevant purposes contain their use in fertilizers, as corrosion inhibitors and in piezoelectric parts. so much released information relate to sodium and potassium Read more...

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2 All these values were calculated by the compiler. AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS /PROCEDURE: Self-constructed high temperature solubility bomb with sampler ensuring the sampling at the operating temperature. The time of equilibration is not specified. Phosphate determinations were made by a colorimetric method using aminonaphthol-sulfonic acid (1). Hydroxide was determined by titration to the methyl red end-point (2 equivalents/1 mol of phosphate present being deducted). INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: Merck chemically pure N a ^ P O ^ ' ^ ^ O was used.

1969, 14, 1655. 10. ; Zh. Prikl. Khim. 1940, 13, 9.

Nauk SSSE 1955, 26, 248. ; Mieli, A. Gazz. Clum. ItaZ. 1908, 38, 535-44. [7664-38-2] [7732-18-5] VARIABLES: PREPARED BY: J. Eysseltova Composition and temperature. One ratio NaH P0,/Η,,ΡΟ, = 1. 2 4 3 4 EXPERIMENTAL VALUES: » Saturation temperatures of solutions of NaH^PO,*H_P0, in water. 2 4 3 4 NaH P0,-H P0, NaH P0. PO. 2 4 II II N a H P 0 , Ή PO. 2 4 3 4 o II II II II II These values were calculated by the compiler. The phases were not given by the authors. The compiler derived them from a graph.

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