Allied Artillery of World War Two by Ian V. Hogg

By Ian V. Hogg

Allied Artillery of global battle

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Rome's upward push to empire is usually stated to have owed a lot to the potency and army ability of her armies and their technological superiority over barbarian enemies. yet simply how 'advanced' was once Roman army gear? What have been its origins and the way did it evolve? The authors of this e-book have accumulated a wealth of facts from all around the Roman Empire's excavated examples in addition to pictorial and documentary assets to give an image of what diversity of apparatus will be on hand at any given time, what it's going to appear like and the way it may functionality.


• comprises loose decals and overlaying foil• full of colour photosThe T-34 medium tank is likely one of the most-produced and longest-lived tanks of all time. identity of T-34 variations could be complex. Turret castings, superficial info, and kit differed among factories. New positive factors have been further in the course of construction runs or retrofitted to older tanks.

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Powered the KV-1 and KV-2. V-2V 375hp, 1940 model detuned for use in lighter vehicles. Powered the Voroshilovets artillery tractor. V-2L/P Maritime version not put into production. V-2SN 862hp, 1940 model with a supercharger from the Mikulin AM-38 aircraft engine. Powered the KV-3. V-2-10 (V-2IS) 520hp, 1943 model stronger cylinders and heads, improved fuel pump, larger radiator and oil cooler and modified hull mounts. Powered the IS-2, ISU-122 and ISU-152, and the T-10. V-2-450AV-S3 450hp, modified for use in the oil drilling industry.

In this action Guards Lieutenant Os’kin’s T-34/85, from the 53rd Guards Tank Brigade, knocked out three Tiger IIs by hitting their side armour from an ambush position. T-34 Engine The Kharkov V-2-34 engine is mounted in the back of the T-34’s hull with the transmission to the rear and cooling radiators on either side. 9bhp per ton. 84 litres/km). The top of the engine can be accessed from an armoured inspection hatch in the middle of the rear hull deck. Turret overhang means that on both the T-34/76 and the T-34/85 the turret has to be side-on in order for the hatch to be raised.

He recalled: In essence, until we got the 85mm gun we had to run from Tigers like rabbits, and look for an opportunity to turn back and get at their flanks. It was difficult. If you saw a Tiger 800–1,000 metres away and it started ‘crossing’ you, while it moved its gun horizontally you could stay in your tank, but once it started moving it vertically you’d better jump out, or you could get burned! It never happened to me, but other guys baled out. But when the T-34/85 entered service, we could stand up against enemy tanks one on one.

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