An Illustrated Dictionary of Art and Archaeology by J W MOLLETT


The Illustrated Dictionary of artwork and Archaeology includes definitions of hundreds of thousands of phrases and greater than seven-hundred illustrations dedicated to a large base of subject material below the commonly- inclusive heading of artwork and Archaeology. incorporated during this definitive paintings are phrases utilized in structure and in such comparable topics as pottery, gown, furnishings, armor, heraldry, weaving, decoration, jewellery, track, and ecclesiastical ritual. Needlework, ivories, goldsmithery, and pigments also are widely taken care of, as are Greek, Roman, and Christian antiquities. the entire compilations that went into the whole paintings have been drawn from best experts in all the precise topic branches.

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1) Hangings or tapestry used to decorate the dining-room or triclinium, or generally, any piece of tapestry used as a curtain, whether to cover a doorway, act as a screen, or hide the stage in a theatre. (2) The covering of a sofa or dining-couch, also called, from the way in which it hung all round (wepto-rp^a). ). Aulmoniere. hung from long laces of silk or gold; it was sometimes called Alner. (Fig. ) I will Made A give thee an alner of silk and gold clear. ) Aulos, Gr. The Greeks gave this name to all wind instruments of the flute, or oboe, kind ; it was not blown at the side like a flute, but by a (In.

Able effects. (2) A strong box or money chest; (4) a cage (3) a rough chest used for a coffin for criminals, made of oak (5) a wooden caisson, answering the purpose of a modern colf-r-dam. Arcade. A series of arches. Arcadi. A Literary Academy established at Rome in [690. The members adopted pastoral Their device was a Pandsean pipe, surnames. rounded by a wreath of olive and pine. A leiies oi blind arcades Arcatures, Arch. ; ; represented on a wall, in relief or painting. Carved arcatures are those forming a kind of screen they are detached from the wall, and have an inner and outer face.

One of the Italian literary academies. " (Mutual help Square or rectangular pilasters Antae, R. supporting the walls of a temple, which was thence called templum in antis, (Fig. ) The anUe thus formed the end of the walls of the cella. ) Anklets, Gr. maybe seen by referring to Fig. 27, which repre- Fig. 27. Capital and frieze ot cne of the Anta: in the temple of Augustus. Annealing. ) process of tempering brittle The and metals by heat. Annulet, Her. A plain ring, or false roundle. Annulets, Arch.

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