AppleScript Language Guide by Apple Computer Inc

By Apple Computer Inc

This publication is an important reference for an individual utilizing AppleScript to switch current scripts or write new ones. It presents many pattern scripts and discusses complicated issues similar to writing command handlers for script functions, the scope of script variables and houses declared at various degrees in a script, and inheritance and delegation between script gadgets.

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When you assign a new value to an existing variable, you lose the old value. For example, the result of the Get command in the following script is "Robin". set myName to "Mark" set myName to "Robin" get myName AppleScript does not distinguish uppercase letters from lowercase variables in variable names; the variables myName, myname, and MYNAME all represent the same value. For related information, see “Case Sensitivity” (page 45). Script Objects 2 Script objects are objects you define and use in scripts.

For example, in AppleScript and many other programming languages, the literal expression for a string is a 52 Using Value Class Definitions 5/5/99  Apple Computer, Inc. 3 C H A P T E R 3 Values and Constants series of characters enclosed in quotation marks. The quotation marks are not part of the string value; they are a notation that indicates where the string begins and ends. The actual string value is a data structure stored in AppleScript. The following example, from the definition for the List value class, shows a literal expression for a list value, which is a composite-value type.

LITERAL EXPRESSIONS string integer real boolean class PROPERTY Class The class identifier for the object. This property is read-only, and its value is always class. ELEMENTS None OPERATORS The operators that take class identifier values as operands are &, =, ≠, and As. The operator As takes a value of one class and coerces it to a value of a class specified by a class identifier. 5 For more information about coercing values, see “Expressions” (page 199). Common Value Class Definitions 5/5/99  Apple Computer, Inc.

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