Archaeology (October 2015)

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ARCHAEOLOGY journal brings the traditional international to life.

ARCHAEOLOGY journal bargains readers incisive reporting, bright storytelling, compelling images – and the newest information from worldwide – all dedicated to exploring the world’s historical previous. no matter if reporting from a dive on an Arctic shipwreck, hiking via Afghanistan, or digging simply underneath Beirut, ARCHAEOLOGY’s editors and writers convey readers the technology, and the magic, of archaeological discovery.

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Starving people were soon reduced to chewing grass and seaweed. Each village was “but a theatre for famine, disease, and death,” said an 1847 edition of The Cork Examiner. 5 million. Though relatively prosperous in comparison to the west, Kilkenny, in the southeast, wasn’t spared. 49 Wooden rosary beads placed under the floorboards are evidence that, even in the workhouse’s grim conditions, inmates managed to keep some of their personal belongings. Geber spent evenings and weekends scrutinizing and meaĥ suring the skeletons, trying to wring every last bit of data from the bones before they were reburied to create a narrative of what happened in the Kilkenny workhouse during these years.

After Rome succumbed to invaders in the sixth century, the Oppian Hill was more or less abandoned, leaving the Domus Aurea undisturbed in comparison with much of the ancient city, and preserving what remained underneath for nearly 1,500 years. Even today the monument is invisible on satellite maps. It was not until the late fifteenth century, when a boy fell through an opening in the side of the hill, that the palace’s decoration became well known. Some of the greatest Italian painters, among them Pinturicchio, Ghirlandaio, and Raphael, were lowered by ropes into openings that were originally believed to be caves.

The archaeological firm hired by the mall’s developer, excavated the graves, construction resumed. The consultants submitted their reports and moved on. Only the skeletons remained to explain what had happened, with only Geber left to tell their story. The discovery of an unknown burial ground is “very, very strange,” Ó Drisceoil says. Most Irish burial grounds, he explains, are memorialized by a place name, if not by a marker, and remembered in folk knowledge. But this graveyard had been utterly forgotten.

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