ARM cross development with Eclipse version 2 by Lynch J.P.

By Lynch J.P.

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Документация для MICROMASTER состоит из трех частей:
• Краткие сведения
Краткие сведения изложены так, что их пользователю обеспечивается быстрый
доступ ко всем базовым сведениям, которые необходимы для установки и на-
ладки MICROMASTER 440 в работе.
• Руководство по эксплуатации
Руководство по эксплуатации дает конкретную информацию для установки и
эксплуатации MICROMASTER 440. Руководство по эксплуатации предоставляет
описания параметров для специфических функций MICROMASTER 440, необхо-
димых пользователю.
• Справочник
Справочник содержит подробные сведения о преобразователях MICROMASTER
440 по всем технических темам.

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This download is a 18 megabyte file and takes 30 seconds on a cable modem. exe Click on that filename to start the installer. Click on this application to start the GNUARM installer The GNUARM installer will now start. Click “Next” to continue. Accept the GNU license agreement – don’t worry, it’s still free. Click “Next” to continue. We’ll take the default and let it install into the “Program Files” directory. Click “Next” to continue. We’ll also take the defaults on the “Select Components” window.

All these language compilers can be targeted to most of the modern microcomputer platforms (such as the ARM 32-bit RISC microcontrollers) as well as the ubiquitous Intel/Microsoft PC platforms. By the way, GNU stands for “GNU, not Unix”, really – I’m serious! Unfortunately for all of us that have desktop Intel/Microsoft PC platforms, the GNU toolset was originally developed and implemented with the Linux operating system. To the rescue came Cygwin, a company that created a set of Windows dynamic link libraries that trick the GNU compiler toolset into thinking that it’s running on a Linux platform.

Now the Cygwin will start downloading. This creates a huge 700 Megabyte directory on your hard drive and takes 30 minutes to download and install using a cable modem. When the installation completes, Cygwin will ask you if you want any desktop icons and start menu entries set up. Say “No” to both. These icons allow you to bring up the BASH shell emulator (like the command prompt window in Windows XP). This would allow you do some Linux operations, but this capability is not necessary for our purposes here.

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