As a Little Child by Grace Moyer Frounfelker

By Grace Moyer Frounfelker

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You can pretend Frog is here; you can talk with him. Or would you like to have a pretend friend of your own? " I was wrong. Poor Donny couldn't! He had a temper tantrum because I didn't force Lois to deny or dismiss Frog. I felt great sadness for Donny. I realized that his home training stressed truthfulness, with truth defined as only what we experience through our five senses. Fairy tales were forbidden. It cost Donny a treasured part of childhood, in imagination and creativity, and I suspect also in spirituality.

I developed a list of childlike qualities that I want to emulate, and you also may wish to do so: unself-conscious spontaneity unbounded imagination that allows freer access to the world of God's Spirit the ability and capacity to live in the physical and the nonphysical worlds at the same time seeing life and the world with a spirit of wonder, Page 9 curiosity, and awe having the capacity to be simple, spontaneous, and aware practicing compassion with innate sensitivity enjoying creativity that is both delightful and astounding with its seriousness and depth This book is for people who sometimes forget to laugh and for those who need to learn how deeply serious children can be.

6 I was reminded of that comment about spiritually malnourished children when a family with two small sons was visiting us. I suspected that their exposure to Christian teaching was almost nonexistent. The two boys joined me as I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. My husband knew that as soon as he appeared, the boys, to whom we were acting grandparents, would demand all his attention. He stayed in our bedroom to have his quiet time with the Lord. " asked one boy. "He's upstairs in our bedroom," I replied.

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