ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 13: Warming Your Hands by G.yu lha

By G.yu lha

Lavrung is a bit studied Qiangic language spoken by means of a small staff of Tibetans in Rangtang County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang self sufficient Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. This paintings offers the 1st monographic creation to Lavrung Tibetans and their language and tradition, targeting using trilingual (Lavrung, chinese language, and Tibetan) figurative speech in villagers' daily discourse. history on neighborhood oral traditions, together with folktales, riddles, paintings songs, and mystery healing chants, is additionally supplied. A Lavrung-English thesaurus, fifty-six full-color photos, and several other maps displaying the site and distribution of Lavrung-speaking groups also are included.

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Another ladder leads up to the family's shrine room (mchod khang) and a bedroom for monks on the third floor. The fourth floor is used to thresh crops and store straw. Scripture flags are put on a lab rtse32 on the roof. Religion All villagers follow the Rnying ma sect 33 of Tibetan Buddhism and visit the local monastery, Guaniyinqiao, twenty-five kilometers east of Siyuewu Village in Jinchuan 32 Lab rtse are sacred cairns consisting of Tibetan scripture flags tied to sticks inserted into a base of stones.

The horse asked the old man to be his master. Then, the deer asked the old man to •47• remove the treasure from atop his head, and the two birds also asked the old man to take the gold after hearing the Buddha's message. Just as he got home, the old man remembered that he had forgotten to ask the Buddha about himself, but realized that he was now rich. 48 This story teaches the Buddhist belief that helping others brings you what you want – maybe not in this life, but perhaps in a next life. The storyteller was my friend's grandfather, who has now passed away, but his story is told today and may still be told in the future.

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