It is a remarkably cautious research of a bit identified Tibetan coming-of-age ritual as nonetheless practiced in rural Amdo, Qinghai Province, China. Structural research is complemented through a case learn in keeping with observations, interviews, recordings, and real folklore fabric within the unique language. images, tables, and a thesaurus whole the paintings. this is often box anthropology at its best.
--Juha Janhunen, Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, collage of Helsinki

The achievements of this publication are many: it really is analytically rigorous, wealthy in contextualized aspect, and interesting in subject material. The authors' assorted backgrounds and strengths are manifested all through this actually collaborative paintings which follows an immense ceremony of passage within the lifetime of a 13 year-old Tibetan woman. For all students of Tibetan tradition and society, and for any pupil of ethnography attracted to studying tips to completely record a ritual, this ebook might be of serious curiosity and lasting use.
--Mark Turin Director, electronic Himalaya venture & international Oral Literature undertaking, college of Cambridge

This is a vital contribution to Tibetan ethnography. The examine is predicated on cautious fieldwork, research, creation, and translation of appropriate myths and literary compositions, and accomplished description of center elements of Tibetan neighborhood existence. the worth of the paintings is that the learn of a distinctively Tibetan women's ritual is thoroughly and completely provided in its personal context. it's a distinctive list of an endangered tradition.
--Paul ok Nietupski, John Carroll University

This examine has nice price in studying intimately the coming-of-age ritual of ladies in one Tibetan village, hence delivering a window during which to raised view and comprehend community-based lifestyles, that's quickly to alter within the face of China-wide modernization.
--Huadan Zhaxi, Humbolt collage

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Party room door. A zhang's double row of seating. If there are five double rows, young men sit on the left of the old village men, and older village women sit to the right of the 'grul ba. If six rows are used, an extra row of mixed A zhang and 'grul ba is added next to the A zhang's row. Four double rows is the most common seating arrangement. At the ma sru mgo 'dus there are only two double rows. One is for older village men. The officiating sngags pa sits at the head. The other double rows are for village boys and young men.

28 This short text is based on the first author's familiarity and knowledge stemming from his participation in hair changing rituals. No Tibetan is given and the English translation is an approximation of what is said in colloquial Tibetan. 29 The sngags pa chooses an auspicious time; it is considered very good if the villagers gather as early as possible. 27 •34• beautifully the bag ma is dressed. They judge her beauty according to her hair and her ornaments. After the children have invited all the village families, they gather at the girl's home.

5 I shall be dressed in clothing of finest patterns; 6 I shall be dressed in clothing of finest patterns and that shall adorn me well. 2 1 3 ད་ནངས་ནམ་ལངས་དང་བོ་ན།། 2 དང་པོ་ཉི་ཤར་ ་ེ མོ་ན།། 3 ཉི་ཤར་ ེ་མོར་མ་ ་ཚགས།། 4 མ་ ་ཚགས་པས་ག ་འདོགས་ ས།། 5 ག ་ ག་དཀར་གང་ཡག་ང་ལ་ཐོགས།། 6 ང་ལ་ཐོགས་དང་ང་ལ་ཡག། 1 At the first glimmer of dawn, At the crest of sunrise, 3 At the crest of sunrise, mothers and sisters-in-law congregated. 4 (I was) decorated with turquoise upon their congregation. 5 I shall be decorated with the finest turquoise; 6 I shall be decorated with (the finest turquoise) and that shall adorn me well.

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