Asian Saga 03 - Gai-Jin by James Clavell

By James Clavell

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She corrected him without thought. " he asked, knowing the answer and much more, wanting to keep her talking. The snippets of information about her, gossip, rumors had sped from smitten man to smitten man. " Again her smile lit up his being. "My father's a China trader in your Colony of Hong Kong, I'm visiting him for the season. He's a friend of Monsieur Seratard here, and kindly arranged this visit for me. " "Of course, a fine gentleman," he answered politely, never having met him, knowing only what others had told him: that Guy Richaud was a philandering, minor foreigner who had been there for a few years, scratching a living.

It was a going-away present from my father. " "You won't need to, it's only the lone samurai you have to watch, the ones or twos, the anti-foreign fanatics. " "Trouble? " she asked. "Nothing," he said, not wanting to concern her and trying to cover the slip. " She frowned. "But Monsieur Tyrer said there was a mass attack on your British Legation and some soldiers were killed. " Canterbury smiled thinly at Tyrer who read the message clearly: you're a bloody idiot to tell a lady anything of any importance!

At once the doctor roughened his voice. " Tyrer stumbled over to his side. "Not here, for God's sake, opposite me! " Struan opened his eyes briefly at Tyrer's touch and went back again into his nightmare, mouthing incoherently. "It's me," Tyrer muttered, not knowing what else to say. On the other side of the table Babcott had uncorked the small, unlabeled bottle and now he poured some of the yellowish oily liquid onto a thick linen pad. "Hold him firmly," he said, and pressed the pad over Struan's nose and mouth.

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