Asian Saga 05 - Noble House by James Clavell

By James Clavell

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Spiral ('Ring' series, book 2)

Dr. Ando who has but to get over his son's loss of life at sea, conducts an post-mortem on an outdated buddy who has died below strange conditions. The corpse, that of cynical philosophy professor Ryuji Takayama, has whatever to inform him. And Ryuji is not the just one who chooses to make a reappearance during this tale.

Heart's Agony: Selected Poems of Chiha Kim (Human Rights Series)

Within the again alley at daybreak¶I write you identify, O democracy-Chiha Kim

Indonesian Postcolonial Theatre: Spectral Genealogies and Absent Faces (Studies in International Performance)

Drawing examples from as early as a 1619 creation of Hamlet and as fresh as 2007 performances by means of Indonesia’s most famed presidential impersonator, this booklet considers how theatre services as a uniquely powerful medium for representing the contradictions of Indonesian id within the city colonial/postcolonial metropole.

Religion and Security in South and Central Asia

Faith and defense play a massive position in conventional societies. In South and crucial Asia, conventional and reasonable Islamic ideals and practices with robust indigenous and Sufi content material are diametrically against radical Wahabi and Taliban manufacturers of Islam illiberal of alternative cultures and teams.

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