Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars: Cavalry by Philip Haythornthwaite, Bryan Fosten

By Philip Haythornthwaite, Bryan Fosten

The fixed troops of the Hapsburg Empire comprised the most strong forces of the Napoleonic Wars. despite the fact that, from the outset the cavalry's larger command used to be much less able than its infantry counterpart: appointments have been stimulated via nepotism and politics, which ended in instructions frequently being given to people who lacked adventure. The cavalry underwent many re-organisations and expansions during the wars that tried to redress those issues, and to modernise the strength as a complete. This name examines those tactics and records intimately the strategies, uniforms and kit of the Austrian cavalry, overlaying Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Chevauxlegers, Hussars, Uhlan (lancer) and auxiliary devices.

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