Basic Antennas: Understanding Practical Antennas and Design by Joel R. Hallas

By Joel R. Hallas

Simple Antennas is a accomplished creation to antennas--basic recommendations, useful designs, and information of easy-to-build antennas. You’ll the way to make antennas that truly work!
Dipole Antennas
Antenna Impedance
Transmission Lines
Practical point Arrays
Wideband and Multiband Antennas
Reflector Antennas
Yagis for HF and VHF
Loop Antennas
Antennas for Microwave Applications
Vehicle Antennas
Antenna Measurements
Plus, an advent to Antenna Modeling...and even more!

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_,. _. -I'< ·~ .. ' patterns can be had along the plane of the wires. Th is is similar to the horizo ntal unidirectional arr angement of Chapter 4 , In addition. the two elements can be fed in-phase to provid e broadside bidirectional cove rage. at somew hat less gain than the more wide-spaced Case' . 'lIFPS - 115 Pave Paws phased array ra dar shown in fig 8-1 J. Th is sy ste m pro vides a "no mo ving parts" radar sy stem in which each of the two face plates (o ne shown. the other oriented to prov ide nearly 210n total cov cragu) are composed of 896 distinct antenna elements , eac h with its own transmitter and rec eiver front-end.

O ne extreme would be a spacing of zero, or one dipo le rest ing nn the other. If the two are fed in the same phase, they just act like a single, but slig htly thicker antenna. ill not be able to put any energ)" into the system. At other spacings you will find that the shape of lhe response gradually changes. pactugs the can cella tion in the previou s null direcuuns is less than I()()%; while at larger spacings there can be additional peaks and nulls because ther e are path differences greater than Al2.

0 ,. e tl:i ·,lO :;J- _ IW . e- , . _ ... ~ , oe c oo- .. Il ~ .. _ . oo . F1g 5-A - The main IICreen ot nw ( »aMmIsslon Une #or WIndows) eot'tw.... Is Shown pertonntng an ana'Y-" of tI'M LJD of 10,000:1 case from Chapter 4'. 1 MHz. ~ of a loa.... tnInsmlsston line . - - .. , .. ·· · .. , ,' " "' r' " 1: I I I • I •• ~ . u • i . ,; Transmission Lines 5-5 Review Questions 5- 1. Desc ribe three reasons it might be de sira ble to have a tran smi tter and an antenna in different locations. 5 -2.

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