Basic Skills for College by Edith Wasner

By Edith Wasner

Designed for college students who're getting into group collage, in neighborhood collage looking development to 4-year courses, looking to increase abilities to satisfy path specifications, and academics in excessive schools/community schools desiring a evaluate ebook for college kids.

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The words are carved above the main entrance to the Supreme Court. 2. The semicolon separates elements in a sentence that already uses commas. For example: The words Equal Justice Under Law is carved above the main entrance to the Supreme Court. When the subject, words, is close to the verb, carved, the plural is obvious: are carved. But when the subject is separated from the verb, a mistake can easily be made, as is the case in the example above. The verb should not be is carved; it should still be are carved.

Complemented 8. to, dessert 4. were 17. was 4. it’s 9. effects 5. has 18. was 5. too, patients 6. has 19. are 7. was 20. sells 8. has, is 21. is 9. has 22. reviews 10. were 23. graduates 11. thinks 24. remains 12. fear, loves 25. reports 10. alter COURAGE By sentence: 1. Correct 2. Correct 3. Correct 4. lose his/her faith 5. the effects 13. plot 6. Correct PRONOUN ANTECEDENT AGREEMENT 7. Correct 1. he/she 6. his/her 8. Correct 2. his/her 7. his/her 9. Correct 3. his 8. his/her 4. he/she 9. he/she 5.

You stop midway; you start yet again. You give up and put the book away for later. Just like writer’s block stops you from writing, drifting away while reading can be terribly frustrating, and it can derail an otherwise determined academic career. So why is it so difficult to read effectively? Is there anything you can do about it? L et’s start by defining effective reading. For most academic reading, whether it is a textbook (non-fiction), a novel or short story (fiction), or a piece of poetry, effective reading should mean that you can paraphrase, or put in your own words, what you have just read.

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