Beauty's Punishment (Sleeping Beauty) by Anne Rice, A. N. Roquelaure

By Anne Rice, A. N. Roquelaure

Anne Rice writing as A. N. Roquelaure.

Beauty is bought into erotic slavery and compelled to obey the orders of the Captain and Mistress Lockley.

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In some realm beyond thought, she felt she was not human. The pleasure dissolved the humanity she had known. And she was not Princess Beauty, brought as a slave to serve in the Prince’s castle. Yet most certainly she was, because this excruciating pleasure had been learned there. She knew only the soft wet pulse of her sex and the organ lifting her and holding her. And Tristan’s kisses growing more tender, more sweet, more lingering. A weeping slave pressed against her back, hot flesh against her own, and another warm body crushed against her right side, a great sweep of silky hair brushing her naked shoulder.

I blush with shame to admit it, but my heart leapt when I saw him. ” “Yes,” Beauty understood this because she knew she had done it to the Crown Prince and Lady Juliana. ” Again there came the quavering in her voice. How far were they from the village, even as they spoke of it? ” she asked softly. “I don’t know. There must have been more to it than that,” Tristan whispered, but then he stopped as though bewildered. ” Yet he said it so calmly, his voice so full of quiet assurance that Beauty couldn’t believe it.

Beauty got no more than a glimpse of his scarlet face and golden hair, blue eyes almost closed. Sweat gleamed on his hard chest and belly, his cock enormous and thick as the guards had wanted it, his legs trembling slightly with the strain of being so widely spread apart. Desire curled inside of Beauty, and even as she pitied him, she felt her organs swelling and pulsing again, and at the same time the terrible fear, “I can’t be made to stand up there alone before everyone. I can’t be sold off like this!

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