Bedtime Stories: A Collection of Erotic Fairy Tales by Jean Johnson

By Jean Johnson

All-new! Fairy stories retold with an erotic aspect, by means of the nationwide bestselling writer of the Sons of future sequence.

Jean Johnson sneaks among the covers of such vintage fairy stories as Beauty and the Beast, Puss n' Boots, and Sleeping Beauty, and refashions them into bedtime tales for adults basically. With smart gender twists, scorching fetishistic turns, other-worldly wants, and explorations into forbidden territories, Bedtime Stories unearths a veritable backyard of sensual delights that offers new intending to the time period "happy ending."

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So. If I may . . ” Gisette repeated. Finished with brushing out her locks, she drew up her knees and wrapped her arms around them. “All right, it sounds interesting. ” Launching into it, he did his best to enthrall her with the story, gesturing with his forefeet for emphasis and making full use of his deep amphibian voice to heighten the drama. At first she smiled and laughed as the amusing tale progressed. But when he mentioned the phallus, she gasped and glared at him, blushing. Henrik wasn’t deterred.

If anything, he emphasized the lascivious parts all the more strongly, until she was all but covering her ears, her skin as red as a summer strawberry. Bringing the tale to its conclusion, he smirked. Frog mouths, being extra wide, were well suited to smirking. Face flaming, Gisette glared at him. ” “Would you rather I treated you like your father does, and restrict my tales to those suitable for a little girl? ” Henrik offered. “Before you protest how this story is ‘beyond the pale’ . . ” From the curious, if wary, look she gave him, Henrik knew she was hooked.

He studied his blushing, throat-clearing daughter. “I take it from your reaction that this . . talking frog . . ” Embarrassed, Gisette nodded glumly. There was no way out of this, though she’d hoped she had left the memory of her humiliation and that frog far behind this morning. If it’s not to be, the only thing I can do is control any possible damage. I hope. Cheeks hot, she watched as the guard ducked out again, no doubt to fetch the talking frog she had met. My best hope is to make sure he doesn’t mention what he helped me retrieve.

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