Biomethanation II by Irini Angelidaki, Lars Ellegaard, Birgitte Kiœr Ahring

By Irini Angelidaki, Lars Ellegaard, Birgitte Kiœr Ahring (auth.), Professor Birgitte K. Ahring, B. K. Ahring, I. Angelidaki, J. Dolfing, L. EUegaard, H. N. Gavala, F. Haagensen, A. S. Mogensen, G. Lyberatos, P. F. Pind, J. E. Schmidt, I. V. Skiadas, K. Stam

Anaerobic digestion is an enormous box for the therapy of waste and wastewater. in recent years the focal point has been at the caliber of the effluent environment new calls for for pathogen removing and for winning removing of undesirable chemical substances through the anaerobic approach. the 2 volumes on Biomethanation are dedicated to offering the country of paintings in the technology and alertness of anaerobic digestion. They describe the fundamental microbiolgical wisdom of significance for knowing the techniques of anaerobic bioreactors besides the latest molecular suggestions for interpreting those structures. moreover, the functions for therapy of waste and wastewaters are offered besides the newest wisdom on technique keep an eye on and law of anaerobic bioprocesses. jointly those volumes supply an outline of a turning out to be zone, which formerly hasn't ever been provided in this sort of complete way.

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Biomethanation II

Anaerobic digestion is a big box for the remedy of waste and wastewater. in recent times the focal point has been at the caliber of the effluent environment new calls for for pathogen removing and for winning removing of undesirable chemical substances in the course of the anaerobic approach. the 2 volumes on Biomethanation are dedicated to featuring the kingdom of artwork in the technology and alertness of anaerobic digestion.

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13] a high, non-expectable, simultaneous removal of nitrogen and sulfur was observed during the treatment of diluted vinasse from an ethanol distillery of sugar beet molasses in an anaerobic fluidized bed reactor. The authors tried to explain this observation by considering a new degradation process that combines the ANAMMOX reaction [20] with sulfate reduction. Part of the possible new biochemical pathway was attributed to the presence of the granular, activated carbon used as biomass carrier.

This reactor is characterized by high liquid up-flow velocity (> 4 m h–1, achieved by recirculation and/or high feed flow rate), which in combination with the production of biogas causes expansion or even fluidization of the granular sludge bed. As a result, the content of an EGSB reactor is completely mixed and the hydraulic behavior of the EGSB is equivalent with that of a continuously stirred-tank reactor. This improves the contact between the biomass and the wastewater and significantly reduces the value of the apparent substrate saturation constant (KS) of the granular biomass [62, 63].

44 45 46 47 49 50 50 50 52 52 53 55 Advances in Biochemical Engineering/ Biotechnology, Vol. 82 Series Editor: T. V. Skiadas et al. 4 Innovative Granular Sludge and/or Biofilm Reactors 5 Conclusions 6 References . . . . 57 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Abbreviations ABR ANAMMOX COD CSTR ECP EGSB HRT OLR PABR SMA SRB TS UASB USSB VFA VSS vup Anaerobic baffled reactor Anaerobic ammonium oxidation Chemical oxygen demand Continuously stirred-tank reactor Extracellular polymers Expanded granular sludge bed Hydraulic retention time Organic loading rate Periodic anaerobic-baffled reactor Specific methanogenic activity Sulfate-reducing bacteria Total solids Up-flow anaerobic sludge bed Up-flow Staged Sludge Bed Volatile fatty acids Volatile suspended solids Liquid up-flow velocity 1 Introduction Conventional anaerobic treatment systems have traditionally been used for the stabilization of sludge effluents such as sewage sludge and manure, during the last century.

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