Black-Latino Relations in U.S. National Politics: Beyond by Professor Rodney E. Hero, Professor Robert R. Preuhs

By Professor Rodney E. Hero, Professor Robert R. Preuhs

Social technological know-how study has often chanced on clash among Latinos and African americans in city politics and governance, in addition to within the teams' attitudes towards each other. Rodney E. Hero and Robert R. Preuhs examine no matter if clash among those teams is additionally present in nationwide politics. in line with huge facts at the actions of minority advocacy staff in nationwide politics and the habit of minority contributors of Congress, the authors locate the connection among the teams is characterised typically by means of non-conflict and a substantial measure of independence. The query of why there seems to be little minority intergroup clash on the nationwide point of presidency can be addressed. this can be the 1st systematic research of Black-Latino intergroup family on the nationwide point of usa politics.

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The list goes on, and the gaps between whites and blacks or Latinos€– while reduced in some instances and over a very long time frame€ – persist. The ratio between black and white unemployment rates, for instance, is about the same in 2008 as it was in 1972 and roughly comparable patterns emerge for Latinos. In short, there are ample grounds to assume that politically, economically, and socially, black and Latino struggles are similar; indeed, they have important commonalities and are “one” in some important ways.

An implication of two-tiered pluralism applied specifically to minority intergroup relations is that black-Latino relations is different from the common “black-white paradigm” that has long shaped the thinking about intergroup politics. Not only are different groups analyzed (that is, blacks-Latinos rather than black-white, or group competition in general) but both blacks and Latinos are largely in the “second tier” of politics due to their similar socioeconomic status, combined with a “racialized” status to a greater or lesser degree.

Additionally, however, even if ideas or interests are shared, they may not have the same degree of salience for each group. Thus, one group’s important issue may simply not be high on the agenda of the other. This is more likely to happen, we think, in the institutions of the national government since the range of potential issues is broader here if contrasted relative to what it is in local politics, and the probability of a salient policy for one group being directly at odds with the other is lessened.

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