Briar's Book (Circle of Magic, Book 4) by Tamora Pierce

By Tamora Pierce

Unique e-book: 1999/2000

As an odd plague settles over the land and threatens their very life, Briar, Daja, Sandry, and Tris needs to use their magic to discover the resource of the

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Alan Moore is a graphic novelist, famous for creating highly sophisticated and literary comic books, such as Watchmen, From Hell, and V for Vendetta. Moore is also by his own account a practicing magician who uses shamanic and artistic techniques to construct performance art rituals that inspire his work. The words “working” and “operation” also hearken to the tradition of opera (Italian for work), so named because the synergy of music, poetry, theatrical sets, and costuming is a work of art that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In 2013, an iOS version of the first Sorcery! book, The Shamutanti Hills, was adapted by Inkle Studios, bringing new levels of richness to the gamebook’s magic system. The game’s fiction explains that the spells available to the player character are now correlated with the alignments of particular constellations in locations at specific times. In gameplay terms, the spellcasting interface becomes a starry background with three apertures that can be aligned with letters floating in the stars in order to spell a given spell abbreviation.

More broadly, it is meant for people who would like to make their games richer and deeper, and for those who want a deeper and richer understanding of the history and ­structure of magic. Audiences include game designers, game developers, s­ tudents, and occultists. The interdisciplinary nature of the book allows it to p ­ otentially reach a variety of audiences, and the main thread of the ­a rgument will be readable and interesting to all intended audiences. Because of the multiple audiences reached by the book’s interdisciplinary approach, symbols are used to signal sections that are especially relevant to particular audiences, such as game designers, technical readers, casual readers, mystical readers, and so on.

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