China and North Korea: Strategic and Policy Perspectives by C. Freeman

By C. Freeman

At a time whilst chinese language coverage makers seem to be rethinking China's traditionally shut alliance dating with North Korea, this quantity gathers a various number of unique essays by way of a few of China's top specialists on North Korea and China's North Korea coverage.

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In other words, China’s leaders and many others in China, both in and outside the government, believe that China must prevent the denuclearization process and its own role within it from seriously and lastingly damaging China-North Korea relations by becoming too alienated from the Pyongyang regime. This would make China a loser in a major geopolitical game, even if North Korea, by virtue of some “magic strike,” were really denuclearized. A closely connected issue is China’s concern about the possible collapse or severe incapacitation of the Pyongyang regime and the ensuing chaos, which could result partly from some conceivable great pressure from China for denuclearization, especially cutting off the critical oil supply from China to North Korea on a somewhat permanent basis.

Moreover, China’s triumph, which was almost consistently lacking in the previous decade with its appeasing-style policy, had substantive results: as of the time of writing there has been no North Korean nuclear longrange missile test, and no major military sabre-rattling on the part of Pyongyang. North Korea under Kim Jong-un is still nuclear armed, refusing to discuss its own denuclearization, keeping its strong hostility toward the ROK, and unreformed in both its domestic and foreign policy. However, at least temporarily, it has been tamed in the above aspects, tamed largely due to Xi Jinping’s new policy posture, a posture that Xi will see as having provided a valuable reset in terms of future Chinese policy toward its neighbor.

25. 26. 27. 28. 33 of a group of Internet sites that rely on defectors and their sources within North Korea) quoted Mr. Kim (Jong-un) as saying. ’” (Sang-hun, “North Korea Removes Its Army Chief from All His Posts”) See also “N. Korea Shuts Down Military-controlled Investment Firm,” Chosun Ilbo, August 6, 2012. ” (Li, “Chaoxian Qingzhu Jiefang Zhanzh ēng Shengli 59 Zhounian bu Wang Zhongguo Renmin Zhiyuan”) Ralph A. Cossa, “North Korea Regime Change,” PacNet 90, December 16, 2013. “North Korea Officially Declared Charges against Jang Sung-taek” (in Chinese), New China Network, September 9, 2013.

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