Ciba Foundation Symposium 63 - Pregnancy Metabolism,

Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–2): R.W Beard and J.J Hoet
Chapter 2 being pregnant as a Tissue tradition adventure: the serious Implications of Maternal Metabolism for Fetal improvement (pages 3–28): Norbert Freinkel and Boyd E. Metzger
Chapter three The effect of Hormonal adjustments of being pregnant on Maternal Metabolism (pages 29–56): Ronald okay. Kalkhoff and Hak?Joong Kim
Chapter four imperative Substrates of Fetal Metabolism: gasoline and progress specifications of the Ovine Fetus (pages 57–74): Frederick C. Battaglia
Chapter five proof for Fatty Acid move around the Human Placenta (pages 75–91): D. Hull and M.C. Elphick
Chapter 6 Metabolism in the course of common and Diabetic being pregnant and its impact on Neonatal consequence (pages 93–136): M.D.G. Gillmer and Bengt Persson
Chapter 7 Hormonal rules of Perinatal Enzyme Differentiation within the Mammalian Liver (pages 137–160): Niels C.R. Raiha
Chapter eight rules of Placental Enzymes of the Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolic Pathways (pages 161–205): Eleazar Raiha and Yoram Z. Diamant
Chapter nine tradition in vitro as a method of Analysing the impact of Maternal Diabetes on Embryonic improvement in Rats (pages 181–205): Elizabeth M. Deuchar
Chapter 10 Congenital Anomalies and the Diabetic and Prediabetic being pregnant (pages 207–225): Peter H. Bennett, Caryll Webner and Max Miller
Chapter eleven the result of Diabetic Pregnancies: A potential examine (pages 227–253): Richard L. Naeye
Chapter 12 The impact of Preconceptional Glucose Values at the final result of being pregnant (pages 255–264): N.A.M Bergstein
Chapter thirteen Congenital Malformations: the potential function of Diabetes Care outdoors being pregnant (pages 265–281): Jorgen Pedersen and Lars Molsted?Pedersen
Chapter 14 medical views within the Care of the Pregnant Diabetic sufferer (pages 283–315): J.J. Hoet and R.W. Beard

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14, 286-295 KUHL,C. & HOLST, J. J. (1976) Plasma glucagon and insulin: glucagon ratio in gestational diabetes. Diabetes 25, 16-23 LACY,P. , WALKER, M. M. & FINK,C. J. (1972) Perifusion of isolatedrat islets in vitro. Participation of the microtubular system in the biphasic release of insulin. Diabetes 21, 987-995 LA ROSA,J. , LEVY,R. , Lux, S. E. & FREDRICKSON D. S. (1970) A specific lipoprotein activator for lipoprotein lipase. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 4 1 , 47-52 LUYCKX, A. , GASPARD, U.

One is that the fetus alters its caloric requirements, which benefits the mother. That aspect hasn’t yet been discussed. e. quantities of amino acid or glucose delivered to the fetus. This takes us into considerations of the impact of uterine blood flow changes upon solute flow. The mechanisms that would quickly and markedly reduce uterine blood flow would quickly sacrifice the fetus, probably through hypoxia rather than a reduction in amino acids, keto acids or other substrate transfer to the fetus.

Animals are parentheses. C: control; E: oestrogen-treated; P. progesterone-treated; E progesterone. 34). Table 1 reveals that sex steroid treatment had little effect on plasma glucose o r free fatty acids in fed or 12-hour fasted states. During the three weeks of hormonal administration both oestradiol (E) and combined regimens (E + P) significantly increased plasma triglyceride concentrations. In the fed state, the magnitude of the change was greatest with oestradiol alone; in the fasted state, E and E + P regimens produced comparable effects.

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