Circuit Systems with MATLAB and PSpice by Won Y. Yang

By Won Y. Yang

Software program instruments utilized to circuit research and layout are speedily evolving, permitting scholars to maneuver past the time-consuming, math-intensive equipment of conventional circuit guide. by means of incorporating MATLAB 7.0 and PSpice 10.0, along systematic use of the Laplace remodel, Yang and Lee aid readers speedily achieve an intuitive figuring out of circuit recommendations.

  • Unified scheme utilizing the Laplace remodel speeds up comprehension
  • Focuses on reading recommendations and comparing layout effects, no longer hard computation
  • Most examples illustrated with MATLAB analyses and PSpice simulations
  • Downloadable courses on hand for hands-on practice
  • Over a hundred thirty difficulties to enhance and expand conceptual understanding

Includes increased assurance of key components such as:

  • Positive suggestions OP Amp circuits
  • Nonlinear resistor circuit analysis
  • Real international 555 timer circuit examples
  • Power issue correction programs
  • Three-phase AC strength method analysis
  • Two-port parameter conversion

Based on many years of educating electric engineering scholars, Yang and Lee have written this article for an entire path in circuit concept or circuit research. Researchers and engineers with out broad electric engineering backgrounds also will locate this booklet a important creation to circuit structures

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Example text

2), which is solved as 3v1 À 2ð4v1 þ v3 Þ ¼ 1 ) 2ð4v1 þ v3 Þ À 2v1 þ 3 v3 ¼ 2ð1 À v1 Þ v1 v3 ! ¼ 1 5 À25 À ðÀ16Þ À8 À5 8 ; 2 À5 ! À2 5 ! v1 v3 ! ! 6 ¼ 1 2 ! 11(b). 11(b) as 1þ2 À2 À2 2þ3 ! v1 v3 ¼ 1 þ 8vR1 À8v1 þ 2i2 ! ðE2:6:1Þ ¼ ! 1 þ 8v1 ; 2 À 10v1 À5 À2 8 5 ! v1 v3 ! ¼ 1 2 ! 4). Note that the target voltage is found to be vR1 ¼ v1 ¼ À1½ VŠ. 12(a) for the voltage, vR4 , across the 4 S resistor. Since the circuit contains two dependent sources, the controlling variable i0 should be expressed in terms of the node voltages as i0 KCL to node1 ¼ i1 þ i2 ¼ 1ðv1 À v3 Þ þ 2ðv1 À v2 Þ v1 ¼2v3 ¼ nodes1$0 1ð2v3 À v3 Þ þ 2ð2v3 À v2 Þ ¼ À2v2 þ 5v3 ðE2:7:1Þ which is obtained by applying KCL to node 1.

3(b). (c) Circle the correct word in each set of parentheses in the following statement: Combining the results obtained in (a) and (b), it is conjectured that less power is dissipated by (smaller, larger) resistance in a series connection and (larger, smaller) resistance in a parallel connection. 4 in which the mesh current i circulating through the mesh is found to be ð12 À 3Þ=3 ¼ 3 A in its (clockwise) reference direction. 4 (a) Find the current iR1 through the resistor R1 with its sign in view of its reference direction depicted in the circuit diagram.

Also solve the set of KVL equations for i1, i2 , and i3 and use the solution to find iR1 , iR2 , iR3 , and iR4 . Do the two solutions agree with each other? 9. 8, remove the sources that are dispensable for finding the current iR2 through R2 . (b) Apply KCL to node 3 to write a KCL equation in iR1 and iR2 , substitute the expressions of the branch currents iR1 and iR2 in terms of the node voltage v3 into the KCL equation, and solve it for v3. Use the result to find the current iR2 through the resistor R2.

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