Coaxial Electrical Circuits for Interference-Free by Shakil Awan

By Shakil Awan

-From authors with a mixed 60+ years of expertise in electric measurements conducted in nationwide size Laboratories-Offers counsel and top perform in electric measurements acceptable to any required accuracy point Contents: the idea that

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They also often generate noise from their internal digital and analogue workings, which appears as noise sources between their input terminals and between these terminals and their case or internal shield. The instrument is designed to be sufficiently immune to this selfgenerated noise, but the rest of the measurement system connected to the instrument may well not be so, particularly if it involves other insufficiently isolated Introduction 21 components which provide return paths for interference currents.

In some applications, the phase change down a cable, which occurs if its length becomes comparable with the propagation 16 Coaxial electrical circuits for interference-free measurements wavelength in the cable, is a serious drawback. To overcome this, cables can be kept shorter if the components of the network are physically smaller. Typical figures are less than 1 m at 1 MHz, 100 mm at 10 MHz and so on. This need for increasing miniaturisation will no doubt reach the ultimate in micromachined circuitry as this technology develops.

If there is no other connection between the circuit and the test instrument, via, for example, the green/yellow safety conductor, terminal 3 should be connected to a point on the current return path of the circuit. If there is already a low-impedance connection of this kind between the circuit and the preamplifier, terminal 3 should be left unconnected to avoid introducing an extra current return path. The existence or otherwise of a connection can quickly be determined by a hand-held resistance-measuring meter connected between a point on the current return path of the circuit and terminal 3.

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