Codespell (WebMage, Book 3) by Kelly McCullough

By Kelly McCullough

The universe wishes a reboot...

In the twenty-first century magic has long past electronic, and Ravirn, a right away descendant of 1 of the 3 Fates, is a skilled sorcerer and desktop hacker extraordinaire. So whilst Necessity, the sentient desktop that runs the universe, catches an endemic that crashes many of the magical web, Ravirn is tasked with solving it. Whoever maintenance Necessity will, for that second, run the universe. regrettably for the sorcerer, a few very harmful beings have figured that out too.

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Staring at it, a sudden suspicion flitted through my mind. ” Massha replied with such innocence I knew I was right. “You heard me, apprentice. ” “Wellll… it does monitor your heartbeat and alert me if there’s a sudden change in your physical condition, like say if you were injured. ” I wasn’t sure I liked that. ” That earned me a bawdy wink. “In that case, High Roller, I’d want to be here to meet her. ” Before I could think of a suitable reply, she swept me into a bone-crushing hug. “Take care of yourself, Skeeve,” she whispered with sudden ferocity.

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This time, however, I wasn’t going to be moved. I had given the matter a lot of thought and firmly resolved to stand by my decision. “You aren’t going to need a disguise, Massha. ” “But…” “Look, Massha,” I said, facing her directly, “I ap- preciate your wanting to help, but this is my problem. Aahz is my partner, not to mention my mentor and best friend. What’s more, it was my thoughtlessness that got him so upset he resigned from the firm and ran away. ” My apprentice regarded me with folded arms and tight lips.

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