College algebra : concepts & contexts by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson, Phyllis Panman

By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson, Phyllis Panman

This article bridges the space among conventional and reform methods to algebra encouraging scholars to work out arithmetic in context. It offers fewer issues in higher intensity, prioritizing information research as a starting place for mathematical modeling, and emphasizing the verbal, numerical, graphical and symbolic representations of mathematical options in addition to connecting arithmetic to genuine existence events drawn from the scholars' majors.

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Anglerfish can live at depths up to 11,000 ft and are characterized by luminescent appendages, which they use to lure their prey. ” (a) Use the model to predict the pressure at the 11,000-ft depth where anglerfish can live. 7 lb/in2, which is the normal air pressure we experience at sea level. Convert your answer in part (a) to atmospheres. How many times greater is the pressure under which anglerfish live than the pressure under which we live? 21. Boiling Point Most high-altitude hikers know that cooking takes longer at higher elevations.

C) Describe any trends you detect from the graph in part (a). 3 45. Pan Evaporation and Climate Change For decades, water evaporation rates have been measured worldwide by using a system called pan evaporation. Pan evaporation is the measurement of the amount of water that evaporates from a standard pan in a given period of time. Historically (and still today), pan evaporation data were used in planning irrigation schedules for crops. The availability of long-term pan evaporation data makes it possible to detect global climate trends.

1, page T47. (a) To answer this question, we write the equation in function form with the dependent variable z alone on one side: 5z + 2w 2 = 8 Equation 5z = 8 - 2w 2 z = 8 - 2w 2 5 Subtract 2w 2 Divide by 5 We see that z is a function of w, because for each value of w we can use the equa8 - 2w 2 tion z = to calculate exactly one corresponding value for z. 5 (b) We try to write the equation in function form with the dependent variable w alone on one side: 5z + 2w 2 = 8 w2 = Equation 8 - 5z 2 w =; 8 - 5z B 2 Subtract 5z, then divide by 2 Take the square root 40 CHAPTER 1 ■ Data, Functions, and Models We see from the last equation that w is not a function of z.

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