College algebra, (Fourth Edition) by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

James Stewart, writer of the global, best-selling Calculus texts, besides of his former Ph.D. scholars, Lothar Redlin and Saleem Watson, collaborated in penning this textual content to handle an issue they regularly observed of their calculus classes: many scholars weren't ready to imagine mathematically yet tried in its place to memorize evidence and mimic examples. collage Algebra used to be written in particular to aid scholars learn how to imagine mathematically and to enhance actual problem-solving talents. This accomplished, flippantly paced ebook highlights the authors' dedication to encouraging conceptual realizing. To enforce this objective, Stewart, Redlin, and Watson include expertise, the rule of thumb of 4, real-world purposes, and prolonged initiatives and writing workouts to reinforce a primary center of primary abilities.

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3 1ෆ0ෆ8ෆ Ϫ œ3 3ෆ2ෆ ෆ (b) œ4 16 16. (a) ÓϪ1000ÔϪ2ȋ3 (b) 10,000Ϫ3ȋ2 23–32 ■ 43–60 ■ Simplify the expression and eliminate any negative exponent(s). Assume that all letters denote positive numbers. 1 ᎏᎏ œxෆ5 Evaluate each expression. ■ 9–18 x2 и œ5 ෆ x3 ϭ œ5 ෆ x5 ϭ x œ5 ෆ 33–42 ■ Simplify the expression. Assume the letters denote any real numbers. 3. 8. x3 œ3 ෆ Multiply by ᎏ ᎏ 3 3 x œෆ Exercises 1–8 ■ Write each radical expression using exponents, and each exponential expression using radicals. Simplify the expression.

The amount, or area, of scrap metal is what is left over after the disks have been removed, so for a single sheet area of scrap metal ϭ area of sheet Ϫ area of disks We need to know the area formulas for a rectangle and a circle (given on the inside back cover of this book). The area of the rectangle is 20 ϫ 12 ϭ 240 in2. The area of each disk is p и 22 ϭ 4p. Solution (a) Let’s first find the area of scrap metal from one sheet. 5 in2 The model we want is a formula for the area of scrap metal produced from any number of sheets.

Distributive Property aÓb ϩ cÔ ϭ ab ϩ ac Ób ϩ cÔa ϭ ab ϩ ac 2 и Ó3 ϩ 5Ô ϭ 2 и 3 ϩ 2 и 5 Ó3 ϩ 5Ô и 2 ϭ 2 и 3 ϩ 2 и 5 When we multiply a number by a sum of two numbers, we get the same result as multiplying the number by each of the terms and then adding the results. The Distributive Property is crucial because it describes the way addition and multiplication interact with each other. The Distributive Property applies whenever we multiply a number by a sum. Figure 2 explains why this property works for the case in which all the numbers are positive integers, but the property is true for any real numbers a, b, and c.

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