Comet/Asteroid Impacts and Human Society: An by Richard A. F. Grieve, David A. Kring (auth.), Dr. Peter T.

By Richard A. F. Grieve, David A. Kring (auth.), Dr. Peter T. Bobrowsky, Dr. Hans Rickman (eds.)

In 1908 an atmospheric explosion in northern Siberia published strength comparable to 15 Mton of TNT. Can a related or higher NEO impact us back? whilst the following NEO moves Earth will it's big enough to ruin a urban? Will the weather swap considerably? Can archaeology and anthropology offer insights into the anticipated cultural responses with NEO interactions? Does society have a real grab of the particular dangers concerned? Is the good melancholy a superb version for the commercial cave in which could stick with a NEO disaster? This quantity offers an important hyperlink among numerous disciplines and comet/asteroid impacts.

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A. of resources in North America, can be found in Grieve (2005). Although the study of terrestrial impact structures has important ramifications for understanding impact processes, their study is no longer entirely a scientific pursuit. Apart from economic considerations, there is a significant social and economic dimension (Chapman 2004). The documentation of the terrestrial impact record provides a direct measure of the cratering rate on Earth and, thus, a constraint on the hazard that impact presents to human civilization (Gehrels 1994).

Two ejecta layers identified with these impact events occur in deep-sea cores and the time separation between the events is believed to be between 20 000 and 3 000 years (Glass and Koeberl 1999). The two impact events did not lead to a mass extinction, such as at the K/T boundary, but may have resulted in global climatic perturbations (Bodiselitsch et al. 2004). Although they appear to coincide temporally with a short period of higher delivery of interplanetary dust particles to Earth, it is not clear whether Popigai and Chesapeake represent the result of an astronomical event or a statistical sport (Tagle and Claeys 2004).

1 depicts these 27 impacts in chronological order from most recent (Sikhote Alin) back to the beginning of the Pleistocene (Karikioselkä), and continues back to the gap between the Karikioselkä impact and those of Aouelloul and Telemzane at around 3 Ma. Several aspects of this list demand attention. Most compelling is that all listed impacts are in terrestrial settings. Because more than 70% of the earth is covered by water, including 14% terrestrial glaciers and sea ice (Dypvik et al. 2004), the table is likely missing two-thirds of the actual impacts during this time period.

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