Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide by Paul Swartout

By Paul Swartout

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actual international and lifelike examples of the way to head approximately enforcing non-stop supply and DevOps
find out how non-stop supply and DevOps interact with different agile tools
a good and open consultant to constantly transport caliber software program quickly
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no matter if you're a freelance software program developer, a method administrator operating inside of a company company, an IT venture supervisor or a CTO in a startup you've got a typical challenge; on a regular basis delivery caliber software program is painful. It needn't be. This publication is for someone who desires to know how to send caliber software program usually with out the ache.

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There will be lots of open and honest dialogue and debate as facts are verified, memories jogged, dates and times corroborated, examples clarified, and agreements reached across the board as to what actually happens. If you prefer to use the standard value stream mapping terminology and iconography, you could take the sticky notes version and convert it into something like the following, which again represents the flow of feature requests through the business: This diagram also includes the efficiency (which is based upon the amount of time value is being added versus dead time within the flow) Once you have a value stream map, the next challenge is then working out and planning what to do about the problems you have now highlighted.

Has anyone questioned the process previously and what happened? • Why is the management not listening to us? • Who are the stakeholders? This dirt digging may well make some people uncomfortable and may bring to light things that produce emotive reactions—especially from those that may have originally had a hand in designing and/or implementing the very software delivery process that you are examining. Not only that, but you may need these very same people to be heavily involved in the replacement and/or refinement of it.

That said, implementing CD and DevOps does not come for free. There are costs involved and the business needs to be aware. [ 45 ] Plan of Attack Let's break these down: • A dedicated team assigned to the CD and DevOps project • Changes to business process documentation and/or business process maps • Changes to standard operating procedures • Changes to hosting (on the assumption there is a move to virtual infrastructure) • Tweaks to change management systems to allow for quicker and more lightweight operations • Internal PR and marketing materials • Enlisting the help from external specialists • Things may slow down at the start as new ways of working bed in These costs should not be extortionate; however, they are costs which need to be taken into account and planned for.

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