Crandolin by Anna Tambour

By Anna Tambour

Publish 12 months note: First released in 2012

In a medieval cookbook in a special-collections library, near-future London, jaded foods and drinks authority Nick Kippax reveals an attractive stain subsequent to a recipe for the legendary crandolin. He tastes it, ravishing the web page. Then he disappears.

So starts an adwentour that quantum-leapfrogs time, position, singularities, and Quests – from the secrets and techniques of confectionery to the agonies of creating a very nice moustache, from maidens in towers to tiffs among cosmic forces. nutrition, tune, technological know-how, fruitloopery, superstition, railways, bladder-pipes and birth-marked Soviet statesmen; all are found in a unprecedented novel that's actually for the adwentoursomme.

Literary Awards
World fable Award Nominee for top Novel (2013)

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A moment later we ended up in the middle of a wide meadow filled with thick plants and orange flowers. The sky overhead was a faint blue and pink. Dark-green trees surrounded the meadow, and in the distance there were pink mountains. I had been ready to use my disguise spell on us to protect us from any storm, but the air was warm and humid, just the way I liked it. Actually, all in all, this was one of the most beautiful dimensions I had visited. I wondered what kind of lucky people lived here.

We are aware of that,” Tanda said. The next moment we found ourselves standing on a wide and, mercifully, empty street. Plain-looking wooden buildings framed both sides of the street. The sky overhead was cloudy and gray, the air was cold and crisp, but at least it wasn’t blowing. I was glad I still had our heavy coats and hats on as disguises. I turned slowly around. There was no doubt there were some strange dimensions in this universe. The road seemed to go off into the distance in both directions from where we were standing, framed by exactly the same types of buildings on both sides, all the same height.

Vortex #1,” Aahz shouted over the blowing wind. “Here we go,” Tanda shouted back. I just wish someone had warned me we were jumping dimensions. “Pgghhhhh ugghhhhh mgggghhhh mggghhhh” was all I managed to say. The dust blew around my head, reducing visibility to near zero. The changing demon back in the big tent on Deva had said the Vortex dimensions were dangerous and full of temptations. The only temptation I had about this place was an instant desire to go home. “This way! ” Tananda motioned that we should follow her.

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