Crusader Captive by Merline Lovelace

By Merline Lovelace

A strategic marriage to a robust Saracen lord with a penchant for virgins will permit filthy rich woman Jocelyn to maintain her castle domestic. yet at what rate? Her purely desire of escaping the wicked lord's harem is to lose her virginity—and fast!Captured and tortured knight Simon de Rhys is in no place to refuse woman Jocelyn's proposition: his freedom for one evening along with her. the duty turns out basic, and deeply enjoyable, till he discovers her secret….

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Sir Hugh would see none came up to disturb them, so she didn’t turn the key in the lock. When she faced the captive again, she had to struggle to keep the nervousness from her voice. ” “Knight. ” Jocelyn took both her temper and her decisiveness from the grandsire who’d raised her. She’d ordered women flogged and men branded for a variety of crimes without hesitation. Thus she bristled at his tone, yet found herself dancing around his brusque question. A small, mocking corner of her mind called her a coward.

Costly scented oil brushed into her silken tresses. Rosemary and lavender from her bed. And female. Hot, sensual female. He was afire front and back when he kneed her legs apart. Taut as a bowstring when he slid his palm down the quivering curve of her stomach to cup her mound. Levering onto his elbow, he watched her face as he spread her slick folds and thumbed the nub at her center. The eyes she’d squeezed shut flew open. A flush spread across her cheeks. When he pressed the nub, she bit down on her lower lip but couldn’t hold back the small, breathless pants that escaped her.

With a thunderous scowl, she stepped forward and reached for the unadorned leather belt Sir Hugh had obtained for him. It came off easily, but she had to work to remove the coarse wool tunic. Heavens but he was tall! Nor would he bend to make her task easier. To drag the tunic over his head, she had to go up on her toes and press close to his chest. So close the tips of her breasts brushed against him. The springy gold hair that arrowed from his chest to the drawstring of his breeks made her nipples tighten even more.

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