Customizing and Upgrading Linux by Linda McKinnon

By Linda McKinnon

A no-nonsense consultant for IT professionals
While Linux owners promise velocity, potency, and reliability, it

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Typically, this location is where most applications and the operating system logs accumulate. These logs can fill a file system very quickly due to irregular system activity if not monitored regularly. To create multiple swap partitions for performance and/or maintenance reasons. Large systems may need an entire drive dedicated to swapping. Whereas in a smaller system, the swap partition should be placed on a drive where it will not have to compete with active file or database reads and writes.

10 File system mounts for the server scenario. TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine! Hard Disk Partition Planning and Preparation few can). This rule is called the “1024 cylinder rule” to facilitate system booting. Typically, the boot partition only needs to be between 20MB and 50MB maximum. It needs only to contain the files necessary to boot the system as well as some configuration files. It would be considered inappropriate to keep data files here. To give /usr or /dev/hda7 its own logical file system partition.

First, there is a high failure rate for the GUI interface. Second, our objective is to present you with a more consistent view of a Linux installation procedure that has been in place since the very early versions. Finally, the text menu installation includes some 35 TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine! 36 Customizing and Upgrading Linux menus that you would not normally see in the GUI install, thus giving you a more technical view of the overall procedure. ” Technically, Linux is not freeware and is not in the public domain.

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