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Документация для MICROMASTER состоит из трех частей:
• Краткие сведения
Краткие сведения изложены так, что их пользователю обеспечивается быстрый
доступ ко всем базовым сведениям, которые необходимы для установки и на-
ладки MICROMASTER 440 в работе.
• Руководство по эксплуатации
Руководство по эксплуатации дает конкретную информацию для установки и
эксплуатации MICROMASTER 440. Руководство по эксплуатации предоставляет
описания параметров для специфических функций MICROMASTER 440, необхо-
димых пользователю.
• Справочник
Справочник содержит подробные сведения о преобразователях MICROMASTER
440 по всем технических темам.

Atomic energy in cosmic and human life;: Fifty years of radioactivity

First released in 1945, within the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Atomic power in Cosmic and Human lifestyles bargains a different account of the matter of atomic power and the underlying rules of radioactive decay. Written through the pre-eminent physicist George Gamow, and devoted to the desire of lasting peace, the booklet used to be initially designed to offer a whole photograph of what atomic power is, the place it comes from, and the way it may be used for higher or worse.

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A comprehensive device review was presented by Barnes (1977) and the properties of the centers formed were reviewed by Lang (1977). Proton bombardment is the most destructive treatment, and laser diodes exposed to substantial doses frequently cease to lase because of the large threshold current density increase. For example, AlGaAs/GaAs singleheterojunction lasers exposed to a dose of 25 pC/cm2(2-MeV protons) must be annealed at 500°C in order to at least partly recover some of their useful properties as shown by Minden (1976).

B. Eflect on Photodiodes The influence of dislocations on the performance of photodiodes results mainly from the increase in the leakage current and the formation of microplasma sites which prevent useful avalanche diode performance. 3 pm, shown in Fig. 8, which is produced by depositing a lattice-matchingepitaxial layer of InGaAsP on InP by vapor phase epitaxy (Olsen and Kressel, 1979). Close control of the lattice parameter is possible with this epitaxial technology, and the absence of misfit dislocations can be established by x-ray analysis.

A. (1977). J. Electrochem. 124, 1424. Card. H. C.. and Yang, E. S. (1976). IEEE Int. Electron. Devices Meet. Tech. Dig. p. 474. Casey, H. , and Buehler, E. (1977). Appl. f h y s . Lett. 30, 247. Casey, H. , Cho. A. ,and Foy, P. W. (1979). Appl. f h y s . Lett. 34, 594. Compton. D. M. , and Cesena, R. A . (1967). IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 14, 15. DeLoach, B. , Hakki, B. , Hartman, R. , and DAsaro, L. A. (1973). Proc. IEEE61, 1042. Dishman. J. , Haszko. S . , Marcus, R. , Muraka, S. , and Sheng, T. T.

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