Data Structure Programming: With the Standard Template by Joseph Bergin

By Joseph Bergin

Once programmers have grasped the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and C++, crucial software that they have got at their disposal is the traditional Template Library (STL). this offers them with a library of re-usable items and conventional info constructions. It has lately been permitted through the C++ criteria Committee. This textbook is an creation to information buildings and the STL. It offers a delicately built-in dialogue of basic facts constructions and their implementation and use within the STL. In so doing, the writer is ready to educate readers the $64000 positive aspects of abstraction and the way to improve functions utilizing the STL.

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Adaptors modify either the interface or the behavior of some other component, and allocators give us control over how the system allocates space for our objects. While there are many parts, they all revolve around the container classes, and the other components merely support containers. There are eight basic container types of two kinds. The sequential containers are arrays, vectors, deques, and lists. The associative containers are sets, multisets, maps, and multimaps. In addition, adaptors may be used to transform these containers into three additional forms: stacks, queues, and priority queues.

Between such statements you should either delete the item or create an alias, so that you always have at least one Chapter 2. Programming with Arrays and Pointers 33 should either delete the item or create an alias, so that you always have at least one pointer to each free store item. This is true of arrays as well as other things in the free store. If you define an array dynamically, the sizeof function won't tell you the size of the array if you apply it to a pointer to the array. This is because you are asking for the size of a pointer (often 4 bytes), not the size of the array.

We could write out the contents of this array with for(int i cout « = 0; i< 7; ++i) days[i]«endl; We cannot initialize dynamic arrays in the same way. The problem is that a dynamic array must exist before we can give its components values, while an initialization such as the above must exist before the pointer that is to refer to it. In particular, the following will not work. long* values = new long[5]; II Create a new dynamic array. values = { 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 }; At the end of this sequence, values will be pointing to a static array and the dynamic array on the free store has no pointer pointing to it.

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