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Our understanding of the relationship between fibre charge development in kraft pulping and bleaching and its impact on the key physical strength properties is still at an early stage and undoubtedly further advances will be made. Page 25 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 Fibre modification 4 Fibre modification has been extensively investigated over the decade from the mid 1990s to tailor fibre physical and chemical properties. The fibre resources have been modified by mechanical, chemical and enzymatic treatments.

Attachment of celestine blue to the pulp fibres was observed by nitrogen content and a zeta potential test. 7. 1. For fully bleached pulp fibres, only small amounts of gallic acid were incorporated and the tensile strength of bleached pulp fibres did not undergo significant changes, suggesting that a high lignin content pulp was necessary for attachment of gallic acid to the pulp fibres. As discussed earlier, ascorbic acid inhibited the laccase coupling of gallic acid to the fibres and no increase in paper strength was then observed.

Reported that corona discharge treatment enhanced the adhesion between treated laminates of wood, cellulose films or paper, and treated synthetic polymers. Corona discharge treatment was also reported to improve the adhesion of glues, paints and inks to lignocellulosic fibres (Back 1991; Berkes 1992). 15, a significant increase was observed in the wet-tensile index of treated sheets (Vander Wielen 2003b; Vander Wielen 2004a). 27kW/m /min DBD treatment, while a TMP demonstrated a ~220% increase.

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