Die Chroniken von Narnia 02. Der König von Narnia by C. S. Lewis

By C. S. Lewis

Immer nur iciness, aber niemals Weihnachten. Das geheimnisvolle Land Narnia, einst von Aslan, dem großen Herscher jenseits der Meere, als paradiesische Welt erschaffen, steht unter einem Bann. Eines Tages erhält Narnia Besuch von Kindern. Durch einen alten Wandschrank geraten sie von unserer Welt in das märchenhafte Land und erleben die Rückkehr des rechtmäßigen Herrschers, des Löwen Aslan.

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Hunter Morgan turned an icy stare on the vendor, and the little man seemed to shrink in on himself like a collapsing air bag. He shrunk in size, in personality. The thin, reedy voice hastily apologized for the apparent affront. "Not that you need it, I'm sure! " They were the refuse of the galaxy, these Huntmen, scorned with distaste by every race save their own- kind because they fed off death. They would hunt anything for anyone with a few gold pieces, and rarely did they return with a living trophy.

She arrived, exhausted and so weakened by her ordeal that she was delirious, just three days after Caprice had given birth to Hunter. And Elena maintained that her son, Boran, had been born hours before Caprice's son. There were no witnesses, and the Court physicians could not—or would not—decide which boy was oldest. And the greatest mark of uncertainty in the minds of all concerned was that Elena had declared her son's birth hour before knowing that Caprice had given birth on the same day. Yet there was no proof.

Her black hair was still too wild to obey the Court fashions, and her blue eyes still flashed with wicked temper often enough to startle the Court even after so many years. She was Queen, just as Elena was, though neither would ever rule because they were not Morgans born. Fiery Caprice, who had been, Tynan knew, the wife of Darian's heart. There were those who still maintained that she seduced her prince, even some who claimed she possessed the legendary mystical powers of the Hillpeople, with which she had enchanted him.

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