Dietary fats and risk of chronic disease by Yung-Sheng Huang, Teruyoshi Yanagita, Howard R Knapp

By Yung-Sheng Huang, Teruyoshi Yanagita, Howard R Knapp

Content material: Lipid research and lipidomics / Magdi M. Mossoba ... [et al.], editors -- an outline of recent mass spectrometry tools within the toolbox of lipid chemists and biochemists / R. Moreau --Techniques and functions in lipid research / Nils Hinrichsen and Hans Steinhart -- fresh advances in silver-ion HPLC using acetonitrile in hexane as solvent / R.O. Adlof -- TLC-FID with distinctive connection with marine lipids and different high-molecular-weight natural compounds / R.G. Ackman and A. Timmins -- research of trans-18:1 fatty acids by means of silver ion HPLC / P. Delmonte and M.P. Yurawecz -- Lipid separations utilizing packed-column SFC / D.G. Hayes -- LC-MS and chiral separation / A. Kuksis -- LC-MS and lipid oxidation / A. Kuksis -- Structural research of unsaturated fatty acid methyl ester isomers with acetonitrile covalent adduct chemical ionization (CACI) / J.T. Brenna -- quick GC for mobile reputation research of micro organism / J.S. customer -- Use of mobile fatty acids to spot food-borne pathogens via infrared spectroscopy and capillary GC / M.M. Mossoba -- Infrared spectroscopy and partial least sq. calibration within the simultaneous quantification of remoted trans and conjugated linoleic acids / Alfred A. Christy -- worldwide mobile lipidome analyses via shotgun lipidomics utilizing multidimensional mass spectrometry / X. Han and R.W. Gross -- Waxes and sterols / E.J. Paris and A.D. Bell -- research of organic tissue and suitable for eating fats / J.K.G. Kramer -- research of protein-lipid interactions via vibrational spectroscopy / E.C.Y. Li-Chan, G. Meng, and N.K. Howell -- fats replacers / W.E. Artz -- High-performance size-exclusion chromatography for lipid research in natural media / M.C. Dobarganes and G. Márquez-Ruiz -- Phospholipids / M.C. Erickson

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