Heart's Agony: Selected Poems of Chiha Kim (Human Rights by Chiha Kim

By Chiha Kim

Within the again alley at daybreak¶I write you identify, O democracy-Chiha Kim

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Heart's Agony: Selected Poems of Chiha Kim (Human Rights Series)

Within the again alley at daybreak¶I write you identify, O democracy-Chiha Kim

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In the Orient, the age of fifty is generally regarded as the age when one can discover heaven's will. In the preface of the book Kim is saying that he wants to enjoy the agony of getting out of his ego through the gaps and spreading true life through the numerous meshes of Indra's net. This desire is a result of his intuition of heaven's will. But to escape through the net is just as difficult as intuiting heaven's will. It requires many nights of agony and sleeplessness. What is the landscape of the life that Kim perceives in his vision?

His philosophy embraces and offers potential solutions to problems encompassing gender, race, environmental contamination, labor, alienation and mental illness. It will surely position itself as one of the most inclusive and original philosophies, capable of integrating man and universe, man and man, man and nature in a discontinuous continuity. -Chan]. Wu Literary critic Professor of Korean Literature, Sogang University 33 -f THE FIRST PART CHIHA KIM THE OCHER ROAD 1 I follow you, father, Your translucent trail of blood On the ocher road.

38 CHIHA KIM AT THE FIELD What Crumbles around me? What is that shouting At Hantan-ri field where the wind's beautiful white ripples Kiss the sun-warmed ground? What is it that crumbles Little by little? As if dreaming a terrible dream of old war sites The sun shudders with fear. Several gunshots ring Over sun-bleached heaps of stone. The wind whispers softly. It is the sound of Old mountain ridges breaking apart And the shouting of flowers and wild strawberries ripening madly On an old crumbled castle-keep.

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