Mathematical Magic by Simon W.

By Simon W.

Stimulating treasury of interesting tips, stunts and magical results according to such mathematical rules and ideas as magic squares, the Fibonacci sequence, Moebius strips, cycloids, topology and extra. merely basic props required: cards, fits, cash, and so on. No magic or mathematical abilities wanted.

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Mathematical Magic

Stimulating treasury of enjoyable methods, stunts and magical results in accordance with such mathematical ideas and ideas as magic squares, the Fibonacci sequence, Moebius strips, cycloids, topology and extra. merely basic props required: cards, suits, cash, and so forth. No magic or mathematical abilities wanted.

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Any land that is moved in this manner can never again be moved with this spell.

Spells cast into the wildzone from outside the area of effect function normally, but spells cannot be cast out of the area of effect without triggering a wild surge. The material components are several pots of paint which must be spilled across a sheet of hamth no less than 2,000 gp. 45 cy can be placed on time. If a second is cast, ency is cancelled. It is possintingency and a chain con- conditions that are impossible to fulfill, it fails. If one of the spells in a series cannot be fulfilled, the remaining spells in the series are lost.

Hit points lost by the homunculus can be regained only by magical healing. If the wizards hit points are reduced to zero at any time during the spell, the wizard is dead even if the homunculus had hit points remaining. A wizard with an active homunculus shield suffers a -4 saving throw penalty against magic jar spells cast upon him due to the division of his mental energy. The material component is a miniature sculpted bust of the spellcaster. Homunculus Shield (Evocation, Necromancy) Range: 0 Components: V, S , M Duration: 1round/level Casting Time: 3 Area of Effect: The caster Saving Throw: None With the utterance of a few words, this spell can hurl a creature to a random plane and leave him there.

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